When deciding where you're going to move, everything matters. The location you're in. Crime rates. Distant from schools if you're a growing family. Distance from downtown areas.

Where in Michigan should you avoid heading? Well, there is one town in particular you may want to avoid.

Michigan Small Town Ranked Worst To Live

Ready to take notes and learn where you shouldn't live here in Michigan? Beyond all the beauty the state has, there are some areas that are worse than others.

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This Michigan town is making headlines due to it's ranking as the worst town here in Michigan.

So, where is it?

A welcome sign at the Michigan state line.

Dowagiac, Michigan was just announced the worst small city to live in, here in Michigan.

Why? Breaking Down The Numbers

Why does the small town rank there?

Despite the cute small town vibes that Dowagiac, Michigan has, their schooling and employment aren't that great!

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In fact, 32% of the residents in Dowagiac, are below the poverty line. Another 11% are unemployed as well.

Their schools, also don't rank all to well either. Their schools come in at a 6/10.

The Top 10 Trashiest Places To Live In Michigan

We've compiled a list of a few of the worst places to set-up camp here in, Michigan, based on crime rates.

Two Other Michigan Towns Also Didn't Rank Well

You probably wont' be shocked with this bit of information, however, the city of Detroit also made the list at number 3 of one of the worst places to live here in the state.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Coming in at number 2, was Highland, Michigan. Highland is a suburb of the city of Detroit, and has been known to be riddled with crime for years.

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