Paul Revere's Tavern was a staple in East Lansing for sixty-six years before it folded for good.

The popular bar opened for the first time in 1948 toward the eastern edge of East Lansing, 2703 East Grand River Avenue. Sitting next to Denny's Restaurant, Paul Revere's took its last ride on July 26, 2014 after being sold to new ownership aside, it remained closed and never re-opened. According to an article in the City Pulse, “the property is being sold to new owners who will take it in a different direction.” Instead, it was later unceremoniously torn down.

In the same City Pulse article from 2014, owner Jim Driscoll was quoted as saying: “While we will always treasure our memories of the good times we’ve had over the years, we are focused on the future. For that reason we have elected to close effective today without any fanfare or going away parties. We hope everyone understands.”

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Paul Revere's became one of the top hangouts for watching the Spartan ball games. Other draws to the bar were the huge mugs of beer, the Shark Bowls, cheeseburgers, and their delicious pizza that became THE pizza of East Lansing and the local frat houses. Paul Revere's 'Merry-Go-Round' circular bar was also a crowd draw.

Now it's the site of the WhiteWater Express Car Wash.

Paul Revere's Tavern was the second-oldest, still-operating business on Grand River Avenue – it also had the fourth oldest liquor license in all of Meridian Township. And it's been gone now for almost a decade, although it sure doesn't seem like it. Paul Revere's was rarely packed like the old Mac's Bar and other joints used to be...but it was well-loved enough to hang in there and welcome visitors and Spartan fans for over six decades.

Paul Revere's Tavern, East Lansing



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