If you love beautiful, nearly unseen splendor, then add this National Park to your Michigan travel bucket list. Though it only received 28,965 visitors in 2023, according to CNN, it remains one of America's most pristine archipelagos.

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Imagine crystal clear waters, a forest full of ancient trees, and 99% of it designated as federally protected wilderness. This is the Diva of Michigan's National Park system, and she demands her space, about 850 square miles of it.

Remote and Pristine, Michigan's Isle Royale National Park

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

Millions of years ago, Mother Nature played its version of Jenga with glaciers and lava flow, forming the archipelago of Michigan's Isle Royale National Park. Those features are striking for the few visitors who can charter a boat or float plane, as that is the only way to access Michigan's most remote park.

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Wildlife includes moose and wolves that were airdropped into the park in 2019. Shipwrecks and abandoned copper mining sites make Isle Royale more than just a pretty geographic face. Plus, there are over 165 miles of hiking trails to explore.

Michigan National Park 1 of the Country's Least Visited in 2023

Michigan's Isle Royale National Park is open seasonally from April 16 to October 31. It features 36 campgrounds scattered across the island, and the sites are only accessible on foot or by boat. Isle Royale National Park visitors know that part of taking in the rich scenery means roughing it.

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If you are planning a trip, be sure to get a camping permit from the National Parks Service at one of the area agents or click here to purchase one online. Where does Michigan's Isle Royale Park rank nationally for the least visitors? Let's look deeper at the 10 US National Parks with the fewest visitors in 2023.

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