You desire—no— need to put your hands into Michigan's dirt and tend to the land. Spring has made its presence known, intermittently teasing us with warmer temperatures and longer days while following them with snow and freezing overnights. If you plant now, you are engaging in a daily battle with the elements, including protecting your plants from Michigan's silent overnight killer..frost. Fortunately, the Farmers Almanac has combined over a century of data with today's science to forecast when 100 Michigan Cities will see the last frost of 2024.

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But wait, there's more! Not only have the bib overalled clad gurus at the Farmers Almanac predicted when the last frost of Michigan's Spring will be for 100 cities, but they've also forecasted, based on the last century, when the first frost of Fall will be.

Michigan's Last Frost Forecast 2024: 100 Cities - Adrian to Ypsi'

Armed with this data, you can get a pretty accurate estimate of your area's growing season. Throw in the altitude, and you have what you need to plant a successful home garden.

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When the inevitable frost threatens your plants, there are a few ways you can combat the overnight plant assassin. One is to cover your garden with blankets, propped up so as not to crush any of your bounty. This will keep your plants warm by using the ground as a heater. How long will you have to stand guard? Let's look at the Farmers Almanac Predictions for the last spring frost 2024.

2024 Last and First Frost Predictions: 100 Michigan Cities

Are you wondering when Mother Nature will give the first or last dose of Michigan frost? Using data from the previous 100-plus years and the latest figures from NOAA, the Old Farmers Almanac has released its predictions for Michigan's Last and First Frosts of 2024 for these 100 cities.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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