What is it about Amish culture that is so intriguing to the 'English'? Is it because their communities are tucked away in plots of land the average person will never see? Maybe it's how they seem to prosper without all the distractions we deal with daily in our hyperconnected society.

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Whatever fuels your fascination, if you're venturing into any of the many Amish communities found throughout the state of Michigan be considerate. Often people assume that their curiosity is welcome and that a different way of life is open for observation. That's not to say that the Amish don't welcome visitors, in fact, they often have roadside stands selling fresh produce and eggs.

When in Rome Michigan Amish Country, Do As You Would at Your Grandma's

Remember when you'd go over to your grandparents' house and your mom would grab you by the hand (or in my case the back of my neck) and give it a little extra squeeze just before you went inside followed by the following uttered through clenched teeth:

I swear if you touch anything that your not supposed to touch or say anything that isn't appropriote it will be the LONGEST car ride home you'll ever have

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As you can imagine, I had a lot of long car rides home growing up. Maybe you did too. Even if you didn't, if you're considering venturing into your Michigan neighbor's area, just remember how tight your Mom's grip was.

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts For Exploring Michigan Amish Country

Curious about how the Amish live in Michigan and want to explore some of our state's backroad culture? Here are some tips to avoid making any 'English' mistakes.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Inside An Amish Michigan Farmhouse

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