You’ve probably passed by the Capitol dome in downtown Lansing a few times throughout your life – and many of you have taken the tour. But one thing the tour does not let you do, is go up INTO the dome. Well now here’s your chance.

Before we take you into the dome via photos, here are a few pieces of trivia regarding our capitol building:

It is 267 feet tall - from the ground to the tip of the dome The building is 420 feet, 2 inches long and 273 feet, 11 inches wide It covers 1 & 1/6 acres, built from 1872-1878.

The Capitol dome was once lit with 736 light bulbs fastened onto secured wires that were referred to as a “bird cage.” It took professional electricians approximately thirty years to get the Capitol wired with electricity.

The Capitol Rotunda has a glass floor that contains 976 pieces of glass.

Looking at it from above, it resembles a glass bowl. Looking straight up from under the dome, you’ll see a galaxy of stars, each about the size of your hand.

The black limestone tiles in the Capitol floors are packed with 475 million year-old fossils, most of them prehistoric marine creatures.

The Capitol was originally lit with gas chandeliers, some of which are still in use. Each chandelier has an elk with its front hoof on a brass shield.

The Capitol has over 200 rooms.

The statue out front is that of Austin Blair, the only governor and only person to have their own statue on the Capitol grounds.

The flower beds in front of the Capitol are specifically planted to appear like carpeting.

These and many other fascinating Capitol building facts can be found at The Michigan State Capitol page (thanks, by the way). Now, take a look at the gallery below and head up into the far reaches of the inside of the dome, where the public is not allowed…

Inside the Capitol Dome, Lansing


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