I'm not one to believe in anything that predicts the future. Maybe the Simpsons, and the Farmer's Almanac always seems to be scarily accurate. But besides those two other-worldly entities, you'll have to work pretty hard to prove to me that you can predict the future.

However, I'm starting to believe more in Tarot Card Readings, especially after one recent reading that predicted a woman in Michigan would win $500,000.

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It was reported earlier this week that a woman in Genesee County won a pretty hefty instant-ticket jackpot, raking in half a million bucks. She picked out a 50X Wild Time card, and put it in her purse.

After her trip to the gas station, the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, had a tarot reading, so she tucked the ticket away in her purse, and made her appointment. During the reading, she was given some ominous news.

"During my Tarot Reading, I was told money would be coming into my life very soon. I tried to think of ways this might happen, but I didn't even think about the Lottery tickets in my purse."

The woman told the Michigan Lottery she got home later that night and scratched the tickets, only to find out that one of them was worth $500,000. And while that sounds like a ton of money, the woman said she plans on being fairly responsible with the money - paying off her car, investing a large portion of it, and then maybe a cruise with her friend.

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So here's your confirmation of the day - go buy that ticket... and then IMMEDIATELY get your fortune read... or get chinese food and hope the fortune cookie gives out some good vibes.

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