Upon first glance of photos of Natalia Burlinova, they give off the vibes that she is an English teacher. Just an everyday citizen. Unfortunately for her, that is not the case as the Detroit field office of the FBI has put out a warrant for her arrest, and is wanted by the FBI for conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States, and as an alleged agent of a foreign government.

According to the FBI is considered an escape risk, and was last known to be in Moscow Russia:

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Burlinova allegedly conspired with an officer of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) to recruit United States citizens to travel to Moscow to participate in a program called Meeting Russia run by the organization that she led, Public Initiative Creative Diplomacy (PICREADI). Burlinova provided the FSB officer with information about recruited United States citizens, including their resumes, passport information, photographs, and analyses of their views toward Russia.

Although these are serious allegations by the FBI, Burlinova feels like this is a modern-day witch hunt, and as she described to The Globe in an interview from April 2023:

In this atmosphere of spy-phobia and Russo-phobia – it’s very difficult. Come on guys – you know I’m in Moscow. I’m a doctor of political science. You just post this poster to say that I’m a criminal they should arrest?

If you have any information concerning this person, the FBI is asking people to contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, although it's safe to assume she won't be coming to the States anytime soon.


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