There's a rare phenomenon that happens once in a while that allows you to see the City of Chicago's skyline from across Lake Michigan. But it's rarely captured, and definitely not in great quality.

But photographer Eric Hines is one of the few people who has not only captured the image, but done so with incredible quality. He's also captured some amazing shots from ALL around Lake Michigan.

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Eric Hines lives in Northwest Indiana, and said he spends a lot of time hiking around the Indiana Dunes State Park. He will usually bring his camera with him to get some landscape shots.

"The Indiana Dunes is the closest area near me with good landscape opportunities. I haven't worked with the parks directly, but hopefully one day!"

Hines has been shooting since 2010 and worked full time in photo/video work for some time. Lately, he says it's been more of a part-time gig as of late. But he still manages to take time to get out and see what the world around him has to offer.

Case and point, during a recent trip to the Indiana Dunes, he set his camera up to shoot across the lake, and captured the photo below of the Chicago Skyline, from across Lake Michigan, at night.

Chicago Skyline across Lake Michigan
Eric Hines Photography

"Being so close to Chicago, I can get my creative fix practicing cityscapes and finding new compositions. I think Chicago has one of the best skylines in the U.S. It's very photogenic."

Hines also took a daytime photo of the skyline recently, and showed off the equipment he used to capture such an interesting look at the city's structures peeking up over the horizon.

Chicago Skyline from Across Lake Michigan
Eric Hines Photography

"Thought it might be fun to post this photo showing what the Chicago skyline looks like across the lake during the day with an 800mm lens from the Indiana Dunes."

Hines' Social Media isn't just filled with photos of the city's skyline. He also makes his way around Lake Michigan to photograph other parts of Indiana and Michigan. While he enjoys the landscapes he finds at the Indiana Dunes, he also enjoys a unique condition he can only get in Michigan.

"My real love for photography is in landscapes and night sky photography, and luckily when I go into Michigan, I can get some great Milky Way shots with different lighthouses and landscapes."

Mackinac Bridge at Night
Eric Hines Photography

You can see some of Hines' other work below, and if you'd like to reach out to him for some photography, or video needs, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Eric Hines is a part-time photographer, based out of Northwest Indiana, and specializes in landscape photography from all around Lake Michigan, including some incredible shots from across the Lake, showing Chicago's Skyline.

Gallery Credit: Eric Hines Photography

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