Ice Volcanoes are a special feature on the Great Lakes that generally form later in the winter when the ice levels have had a chance to grow over the lakes. However early in the winter of 2022-2023, in the first week of December, the first ice volcanoes on Lake Superior have been photographed.

The images were captured on December 5 and shared with the Superior Pics of the Lake Superior Region. (Note: Due to Facebook's photo sharing policies regarding groups, we are unable to embed the images.) The photographer lives near Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. The images were captured near Mackenzie Point north of Thunder Bay.

Several commented on Facebook about the early appearance.

This is awesome, early this year it seems

Wow already. Yes took quite a few pics last year on our might lake. So cool.

Some explained the science behind them

Pressure builds while ice is forming these relief pressure points

Air holes.

While others shared reminders about the danger of them

Stay clear!!Dangerous

We used to climb all over them when I was younger. Not smart.

They form every year on Lake Superior. But remember, they is no such thing as safe ice.

Ice volcanoes for on many of the Great Lakes. They formed on Lake Erie following an intense early-season snowstorm that hit the Western New York region around Buffalo

Here's another look at ice volcanoes on the big lake - this video from January of 2022.

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