This Kalamazoo weather guy localizes TikTok trends and blows up. Have you seen Will Haenni's videos yet?

WWMT, Channel 3 meteorologist Will Haenni currently has 10.1 thousand followers and nearly a quarter of a million total video likes as @weatherwithwill on TikTok.

Will has a creative and many time hilarious way of jumping on TikTok trends to make them fit local weather.  His most popular video is about the moment that cold weather comes around the corner.  This video has been viewed 1.8 million times and has been liked nearly 113 thousand times.

...And then there's the "second winter."  If you live in Kalamazoo, you know all about this ugly March snow.  This video has been viewed 185.1 thousand times so far.

Before the blizzard and arctic blast of Christmas 2022, Will was stocking up on the Kalamazoo essentials. LOL  This video has been viewed nearly 180 thousand times.

The final Will Haenni video we'll feature for #TikTokTuesday isn't pulling in tons of views yet.  However, it's timely as we get ready for Nelly at the Allegan County Fair.

You can see more of Will's videos by clicking here.

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