Michigan offers incredible restaurant choices when we want delicious meals we don't have to cook. And with so many chain restaurants in the Great Lakes State, many choose them for their familiar menu items. But that may no longer be an option for us as one chain restaurant has abruptly closed locations in the U.S. and Michigan.


Popular Chain Restaurants Abruptly Closing Locations In the U.S. And Michigan

Several chain restaurants have recently announced closures over legal issues and bankruptcy. Other companies use the closures as strategic moves aimed at allowing the company to expand. And Red Lobster has just abruptly closed locations with the restaurants' equipment to be auctioned off. The news of Red Lobster’s restaurant closures comes as the company is considering filing for bankruptcy protection according to reports.

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Red Lobster Mulls Possible Bankruptcy Filing Amid Debt And Rising Labor Costs
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According to a restaurant liquidation company, TAGeX Brands, Red Lobster restaurant furniture, chairs, tables, kitchen equipment, bar and dining setups, and more are included in the auction on their website. The website states:

As of today, select Red Lobster locations are CLOSED. On our Restaurant Equipment marketplace, we are auctioning off 50+ locations across the country. These auctions are WINNER TAKES ALL – meaning, each winner will receive the ENTIRE contents of the Red Lobster location they bid on.

The Red Lobster locations closing and being auctioned are spread across 21 states. The Red Lobster location in Fort Gratiot, Michigan is listed on the auction website. The company has around 650 restaurant locations across the U.S.

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