An Ohio attorney is discharged from his duties as the state's Supreme Court dropped a one-year suspension on the stinker.

Attorneys behaving badly isn't a new concept.  However, this crime doesn't pass the smell test.  The attorney, Jack Blakeslee, didn't just admit to performing this crappy act once.  He admitted to doing it at least 10 times according to Fox 19 Now in Cincinnati,

Jack Blakeslee said he was only doing a prank - one which he had pulled 10 times that year, but judges disagreed. Justices said he had known the advocates working at the center for years and was going to see them in court 15 minutes after he threw the container into the parking lot.

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A grown man, pooping in a Pringles can as a prank?  A grown man with a law degree pooping in a Pringles can as a prank?  Seems like a waste of a law degree.  Poo puns aside, consider the location of the poo prank.  The parking lot of a victim's advocacy center?  Did he shake a baby, kick a dog, or club a baby seal on his way to work that day?

This Pringles Poop Can Prank was Jack Blakeslee's way to "blow off steam" because he loved the thought of people discovering what was in the can according to Huff Post.   The Huff Post also published notes from the Ohio Supreme Court that say it all,

The evidence, in this case, shows that despite societal standards of cleanliness and decorum, Blakeslee failed to control his own bizarre impulses to place feces-filled cans out in public for unsuspecting people to find. Blakeslee’s aberrant conduct has adversely reflected on his own fitness to practice law and brought discredit to the profession through significant media attention.

This guy must be a blast at Thanksgiving Dinner.

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