It's that time of year in Michigan to fill a stein with a cold German beer and celebrate Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and his bride.

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How Did Oktoberfest Get its Start?

In case you were wondering how Oktoberfest originated, it began with the nuptials of those two, and the citizens of Munich being invited to the festivities. According to The History Channel, it all started with horse races and later included fairs, food, and beer. Lots of beer. And Michigan happens to know a thing or two about beer. So, of course we would know how to throw an epic Oktoberfest, right?

Michigan Snubbed in Best Oktoberfests List

Surprisingly, Michigan did not make USA Today's list of 10 best Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S. Even more surprising is that Ohio took the number one spot with the Cleveland Oktoberfest. The ranking includes Cleveland Okotberfest's breweries as one of their winning factors. This placement is especially interesting considering that Michigan is known for its breweries and Ohio is, well...not. And none of the cities on the list come close to celebrating German culture, food and beer quite like Frankenmuth, MI.

While most Oktoberfest celebrations in Michigan start in mid-September, there are still a few festivals coming up where you can celebrate:

1. Oktoberfest and Color Tour at Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI features a German car color tour and of course a beer hall.

2. Grand Rapids Oktoberfest is family friendly and FREE to attend.

3. Lansing Oktoberfest is all about live polka music delicious German food.

4. Rochester Mills Oktoberfest because what better place to celebrate Oktoberfest than at one of Michigan's top breweries!

5.Sterling Heights Oktoberfest is one I've personally been too and had a blast! Good people, music, food and beer.

Travel MI includes all the date and time details and a map to all of the Oktoberfest fun. And let's show America that Michigan deserves to be on the Oktoberfest list for next year.

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