Have you ever been casually watching a movie when you suddenly spot a street corner or building that looks familiar? You're not crazy. There's a long list of movies that have been filmed around the state of Michigan.

From comedies to films full of action, here are at least 10 major motion pictures from the 2000s and beyond that have been filmed in the mitten state:

10 Major Motion Pictures from the 2000s and Beyond That Were Filmed in Michigan

Did you know that all of these movies were filmed in Michigan?

And that's just a few of the many projects that have been shot in Michigan. See even more from mlive.com.

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Of course, there are movies that are filmed in Michigan and movies that are set in Michigan. Check out a few from the past with stories that take place in Michigan's UP below:

Have You Seen These 7 Films All Set in Michigan's UP?

Did you know that these movies were all set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula? Have you seen them all?

5 Holiday Movies Set in Michigan

All of these holiday movies were either filmed in or are set in the mitten state.

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