Have you ever wondered who the real Jake from State Farm is and where he is now?  Here are the answers.

Did you know Jake from State Farm was an actual employee of the insurance agency before the commercial that created one of the most famous characters in TV marketing? Jake Stone worked at a State Farm call center in Bloomington, Illinois when he won a chance to appear in a commercial for his employer in 2011.  He may have only had two words, but those two words will be remembered forever.  "Uhh, khakis."

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That moment became so popular that "Jake from State Farm" not only became a recurring character, but it became a long-running campaign and the face of the brand.  However, the OG Jake was replaced by professional actor, Kevin Miles in 2020.  Why?  Because Jake Stone moved on from his job at State Farm.  He has been working as a bartender in Normal, Illinois.  Jake has made an occasional appearance in State Farm ads since he left the company.

We've seen everyone from Drake to Arron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes alongside the newish Jake from State Farm over the last few years in their national TV ads.  But I think we can all agree, we miss Jake Stone and his Khakis.

You have to wonder how many people call the bar that Jake works at to ask the question, "What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?" I have personally fought the urge myself.

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