Viral videos heat up the investigation of multiple crimes after white guys beat up a black couple and brag about it using racial slurs.

TizzyEnt, a very popular content creator who focuses on Social Justice has brought global attention to horrific and blatant crimes committed in Detroit recently.  Tizzy and his 6 million TikTok followers were left questioning where the proper police response was following this young black woman and her boyfriend being violently attacked.  According to the viral video below, the young woman was on her way home after working her security job on New Year's Eve around 2 AM when her car was struck by another car.  The car that struck her appeared to be driven by a minor who was possibly under the influence.  That minor called his parents, which is certainly what you would expect.  However, the unexpected part of this happens when parents arrive.  After the mother, father, and stepfather arrived, the situation immediately became violent according to the assault victims.  The video below explains the disturbing attack.

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After the alleged assault, the suspects reached into the victim's car and stole her phone then they all took off.  They had no idea that the phone they stole was still on a Facetime call with the victim's mother.  The victim's mother screen records a shocking celebration as they brag about the assault while frequently using the N-word.  You don't have to be law enforcement to see the list of serious crimes that took place from leaving the scene of an accident to possible driving under the influence and assault.  A detective with the Detroit Police Department allegedly began investigating the victim and got very aggressive toward her instead of investigating the suspects Jay Sears of Allen Park and Jason Goldie.  We asked the Detroit Police Department for comment and this was their response,

The Detroit Police Department can confirm that the facts and circumstances of this incident are under investigation. If appropriate, a warrant request will be submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for a charging decision. The fact that certain individuals involved made racially inflammatory comments following the incident is very disturbing, and we understand that members of the community will find this hurtful. Our commitment is that all aspects of this incident will be thoroughly investigated, and a proper referral to the Prosecutor’s Office will be made.

It's been over a week since the incident and even though there is tons of evidence due to the Facetime recording, no arrests have been made at this time.

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