It's not always convenient to do a full home security check before we leave our homes. And most of the time, locking the doors is enough security to keep our things and ourselves safe. But, criminals are using a tactic to break into Michigan homes that you might be overlooking and basically inviting them in.

Scary Tactic Burglars Use to Break Into Michigan Homes

It comes as no surprise that criminals are finding new ways to break into homes, leaving homeowners vulnerable and concerned. And authorities are warning Michigan residents to lock their homes and secure their vehicles due to a wave of burglaries and thefts. Burglars are gaining access to homes using garage door openers.

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Protecting Your Vehicle and Home From Criminals' Burglary Tactic

Many homeowners may unknowingly leave their garage door openers inside their vehicles or in easily accessible locations, making them an attractive target for burglars. Once the burglar has the opener, they can discreetly enter your home without having to break a window or force their way through a door.

Authorities advise homeowners to never leave garage door openers visible inside their vehicles. Also consider upgrading to a modern garage door opener equipped with advanced security features, such as rolling codes or encryption technologies. These features ensure that the garage door opener's code changes with every use. And installing security cameras and motion sensor lights around the garage area can act as deterrents and help capture evidence. Reinforcing garage doors with sturdy locks can also make break-ins more challenging for burglars.

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