An Ohio Restaurant that's been in business since the early 1930s has the best hot dogs in the state according to a recent report. released their report on the best place to get hot dogs in every state in the U.S.  Before we reveal the best hot dog spot in Ohio, it's worth mentioning that we don't know how this website got its results.  The methodology of this study is as mysterious as how hot dogs are made.

Best hot dogs in Ohio
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Tony Packo's Cafe was the winner.  Specifically, Tony Packo's Hungarian Hot Dog was the winner according to,

Tony Packo was the son of Hungarian immigrants, and his experience working in restaurants when he was young led to his creation of his Hungarian hot dog, which was basically a Hungarian sausage on rye bread with spicy chili.

You can find 5 locations of Tony Packo's Cafe in the Toledo, Ohio area.  But it all starts with the original location that has been in business and owned by the same family since 1932.

Tony Packo's Cafe Locations

  • 1902 Front Street, Toledo, OH 43605 (the O.G.)
  • 7 South Superior St., Toledo, OH 43604
  • 5822 Alexis Rd., Sylvania, OH 43560
  • 3348 Secor Rd., Toledo, OH 43606
  • 1399 Conant St., Maumee, OH 43537
Tony Packo's Cafe in Toledo, Ohio
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The Best Place To Get A Hot Dog In Every State

Illinois: Evanston Chicken Shack in Evanston

Indiana: Fireside Inn in Greensburg

Michigan: American Coney Island in Detroit

Ohio: Tony Packo's Cafe


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