Earlier this past weekend we encountered our true entrance to winter here in Michigan. While we've seen snow before this past weekend, we didn't see it stick as much as it did with this past storm.

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And can we talk about those freezing temperatures? Many are experiencing their pipes getting frozen while we see some single digits. I'm currently struggling with my car door latching and staying shut in the cold weather.

Bath Police Department Gets Stuck In The Snow

If you found yourself on the side of the road or stuck in the snow with your car, you weren't alone during the past weekend snow storm.

The Bath Township Police Department, like some across Michigan, stuck in the ditch. But, instead of fretting or being embarrassed about it, they took to social media.

Posted on their Facebook, the police department made this post:

"If anyone comes across a cruiser in the middle of the road way, don’t worry we are not stuck. Just taking a little break. Totally not stuck. We can get out whenever we want to. We just don’t want to right now. Again, definitely not stuck.

#MaybeELPDWillHelpShovel ...

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In the comment section, the Bath Police Department even made a shoutout to our East Lansing Police Department, asking for some help:

"East Lansing Police Department you guys got a shovel? Asking for a friend."

This isn't the first time the Bath Police Deparment has taken to social media to bring some laughs at a situation.

They also posted this earlier in the week.

Oh, and one more for good luck:

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