It comes with the territory of living in Michigan - you are going to have to learn how to drive in the snow. That's easier said than done for some drivers while others may be a bit too confident in their skills.

From what I've learned in my short time of driving in these elements is to simply take your time and be patient with other drivers. You have no idea how much experience they may have driving in snow or how much confidence they have in their vehicle to handle the situation.

A lot of it comes down to luck, sure. Hit the wrong patch of ice in just the right way and there is little keeping you from ending up in the ditch, stuck in a bank of snow. That's the light-hearted way of looking at things. The truth of the matter is that nearly 2,000 car accident fatalities and 135,000 injuries happen per year nationally from driving in the snow.

One thing that could overcome a lack of experience is a vehicle built and equipped to drive in the snow. Maybe you've driven your current ride through this latest (and ongoing) band of snow showers and come to the conclusion that an upgrade is necessary.

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What should you look for when upgraded with snow driving in mind? Drivetrain, or the power sent to the wheels via the transmission, and ground clearance are two important factors pointed out by The Zebra, an insurance shopping website that put together the list of vehicles I'm sharing below. Of course, modern safety technology in today's vehicles equipped to help drivers handle the winter terrain better is also a must.

The Zebra put together the list of the 13 best cars to drive in snowy conditions factoring in those safety scores, drivetrain and ground clearance as well as several other safety features.

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