Take it from somebody who moved to this state a bit over a year ago, Michigan is an awesome state to live in. If you can stand the cold, don't mind the sun going away for almost half the year, and can adapt to driving in snow, you've got a chance. If you call soft drinks pop, worship Vernor's and Better Made Chips, and hate Ohio passionately, you'll fit right in.

So, if you are thinking of moving to Michigan, come on. The cost of living is on the lower side of average, as are home prices. Jobs are plenty with factories always looking for labor and local businesses seem to thrive just about everywhere. What more could you ask for?

Okay, so you're convinced, you're moving to Michigan - so where are you moving to? Because that kind of matters.

See, all of the good things I mentioned above are prevalent everywhere. But, there are some cities and towns that you are better off avoiding if you can help it. That's not to say these places are awful and no one should live there - just use your best judgment, ya know?

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Big Cities to Avoid if You're Moving to Michigan


Detroit gets a bad rap, and it's not entirely for unfounded reasons. Gang and crime activity, impoverished communities, poor policing, and a serious lack of funding for improvements really weigh on the city.

Historically, the city more than holds its own as a tough, blue-collar place that manages to survive whatever is thrown at it. And truth be told, the city is on the rise - and not just because of the Detroit Lions.

That said, though, if you aren't from Detroit, you're gonna have a bad time moving directly into the city. If you need to relocate to Southeast Michigan, explore the metro Detroit area. Cities like Troy and Auburn Hills are solid places for middle-American families while Birmingham and the Gross Pointe areas cater to the more wealthy side.


First of all, for the uninitiated, Flint has clean water now - long-time residents just don't trust it, and that's completely fair.

No, the reason someone new to Michigan should avoid Flint is very much for the same reasons as Detroit, just on a smaller scale. Flint is also on the upswing, but it lacks the resources that even Detroit has. Poverty and crime remain prevalent in the city, though crime rates have dropped in recent years.

Like Detroit, there are other cities and towns nearby to live in, such as Grand Blanc and Burton, that are a bit more hospitable.

Smaller Cities to Avoid if You're Moving to Michigan


Kalamazoo has weird priorities, man. It's a fun little city with plenty to do, and despite being a college town, it doesn't feel overrun with students. That said, there's more focus on building bike lanes than helping the homeless population.

On top of that, crime rates in Kalamazoo are much higher than Battle Creek's, though Kalamazoo still turns its nose up at its neighboring city.

If you need to be near Kalamazoo, Portage is your best bet.



Jackson is close to everything, which makes it rather appealing. It's a quick drive to Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Kalamazoo, or Fort Wayne. The problem is that the city has a poor crime rate and infrastructure.

Jackson is one of those cities that doesn't get a lot of attention, because it's right on the cusp of either being a tolerable place to call home or a crime capital of the state - and with 30,000 people, it could go either way in a matter of years.

If you have to be close, Spring Arbor and Brooklyn are close enough and are much quieter.

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