With a month in the books for 2024, many New Year's resolutions have been abandoned. The remaining few are hitting one of the many hurdles to keep that resolution.

A big reason why so many resolutions fail is because they are too hard, the habit is too addictive to break, and willpower often gives way to comfort. Nicotine has long been on the end of failed resolutions. For decades it was in smoking cigarettes, now a big factor is vaping.

Vaping is generally more popular with millennials and Gen Z, but its prevalence across all age groups isn't unfounded. Still, cigarettes are the king of nicotine with four times the number of users over vapers.

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Of course, vaping has had an odd life cycle as an alternative to smoking. It should come as no surprise, but vaping still hasn't been on the market long enough to determine if its long-term effects are better or worse than cigarettes. While the anticipation is that vaping must be better in many ways, time and research will be the ultimate decider.

Vaping is indeed less harmful than cigarettes, at least in the short term, according to TIME, however, it's still not safe. It may sound obvious, but nicotine has its own negative effects, and lungs were built to breathe clean oxygen. It's also proven that vaping isn't actually a great way to quit nicotine, though the process is thought to be cleaner than cigarettes.

Whether or not the benefits outweigh cigarettes or not, a generation addicted to nicotine in a different manner is bound to have all sorts of reasons to want to stop.

Snusboss, which is a nicotine pouch-selling website with some blogs on all intakes of nicotine, recently conducted a study to see which states are looking to quit vaping in 2024. The study gave scores to each state based on the levels of interest in quitting the habit based on relevant search data.

Ohio landed at 7th with a score of 69.75 while Indiana was one rank higher at 6th with a score of 73. Michigan tied with Oklahoma for 4th with a score of 75.

Ohio and Indiana had high search volumes for popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is rare and is mostly linked to diacetyl, a flavoring additive that can mostly be found in some sweet flavors of e-liquids, like custards. According to Vape360, there has never been a proven case of popcorn lung linked directly to vaping. Vape360 goes on to say that cigarettes can have considerably more traces of diacetyl as any e-liquid.

Michigan had the highest reported score for the search term "quit vaping", tied with Mississippi's score, which was the number one state on the list looking to quit vaping in 2024.

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