If there's one thing fans across the country have learned about Eminem over the years, it's that anything he has a hand in will be done at a high level. It's no surprise after all of the work he put into becoming one of the biggest music superstars we've ever seen.

Eminem's ability to draw fans of opposing genres to hip-hop and connect with them is one of the more intriguing aspects of his stardom. It's a big reason why he's so admired. Of course, that same ability allows for him to find success in other ventures.

In 2021, Slim opened up a simple restaurant in the heart of Detroit and named is fittingly after one of the most recognizable lyrics in his catalog, Mom's Spaghetti. He may have been nervous, but on the surface, he was calm and ready to drop bomb spaghetti. The crowd grew so loud that his restaurant is now one of the best celebrity restaurants in the country.

The restaurant is simple, selling just four basic types of spaghetti. The sauce to Mom's Spaghetti is also sold in jars and a merchandise store rests above the restaurant.

Now that the restaurant has been around for a while, it's no surprise to see it stacking up with some of the top celebrity restaurants in the country.

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According to Google Reviews star ratings data contextualized by QR Code Generator, Eminem's restaurant is the 14th-best celebrity restaurant in the country with 70% of the restaurant's reviews at 5 stars. That's 1,338 5-star reviews out of 1,887 total.

A few notable restaurants Mom's Spaghetti lost out to are Machine Gun Kelly's 27 Club Coffee in Ohio (74.14%) in 12th, Travis Barker's Crossroads Kitchen (76.94%) in Hollywood in 6th and Norman Reedus's Nic and Norman's in Georgia (79.8%) in 2nd. With a whopping 91.62% positive reviews, Jon Bon Jovi's JBJ Soul Kitchen in New Jersey took the top spot for best celebrity restaurant.

Despite being a young restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti has a lot of reviews compared to most of the restaurants in the top 20. Still, with such tight percentages, it wouldn't take much for Mom's Spaghetti to climb much higher on the list and truly be considered one of the very best celebrity restaurants.

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