Traveling by air and through a TSA checkpoint is no one's favorite part of a trip. After all, security theatre takes time to put on the show. Shoes come off, items come out of bags and there are questions.

But at one airport in northern Michigan, your fudge status was once the seemingly most important item on the TSA's docket.

This is a very localized issue to airports nearest Mackinac Island. The tourist mecca is well known for its fudge. So it shouldn't be any surprise that many travelers to and fro are bringing fudge through the security checkpoint. And therein is the issue.

That fudge apparently needs some special screening. At least if you see the signs once plastered all over the Chippewa County airport near Sault Ste Marie, the closest terminal to the island.

Fudge out to Speed the Screening Process

Remove Fudge

The internet caught wind of these signs a few years ago and had a great deal of fun with them and the obvious puns.

The airport manager told MLive in 2017

the notice is a Transportation Security Administration policy, not one specific to the airport. Candy and solid chocolate is permitted on carry-on and checked bags, per TSA rules, but like everything that goes on a plane, it needs to be checked by security.

The story was picked up by news outlets across America and travel blogs even have detailed rules about traveling with chocolate.

Here's a thought for travelers - all of these fudgeries will mail their product. Stick with that.

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