Just how does a high school medal earned in Michigan turn up years later in Missouri? It's a huge mystery.

A man working construction in Kansas City found a medal from Gull Lake High School in Richland, northeast of Kalamazoo.

The image was posted and then reshared among Michgian-themed Facebook groups.

Many commenters pointed out that the medal could be from any number of school activities like cheerleading, wrestling or track.

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The medal was found on the roof of a building at 18th and Main in Kansas City. Looking at Google Street View from the area, there are two buildings on opposing corners. One a Lead Bank, the other building bears the name Barkely.

Eric Meier
Eric Meier

The intersection in Kansas City is exactly 529 miles from Gull Lake High School. So how did the medal get there?

Social media has thoughts:

Looks like it was a medal that broke and fell off of their varsity jacket while they were on a trip/vacation. Happened to a lot of mine.

I got a feeling an ex might be involved

So if you know someone with a connection to both Gull Lake and Kansas City, this medal just might be theirs. If if it is, we all want the story.

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