Anyone who has spent a winter, or a lifetime of winters, in the Great Lakes knows to be wary of the 'gales of November' the winter storms that then churn the big lakes into a menacing unrecognizable Charybdis.

It isn't just November, of course, when giant storms like the one that doomed the Edmund Fitzgerald can form. These power winter systems can appear anytime the conditions are right.

The 'Bomb Cyclone' set to hit the Great Lakes in mid-January 2024 is forecast to bear an eerie resemblance to the November 1975 storm.

The revelation was made by WGN-TV meteorologist Tom Skilling. In a recent newscast forecasting the storm, Skilling shared that the forecast of the barometric pressure will be similar in both millibars and inches of mercury to the infamous storm that hit Lake Superior in the mid-1970s.

So with similar numbers to that infamous storm, it may do us all a bit of good to hunker down and by all means, avoid the middle of Lake Superior - or at least put a few more miles behind you to make Whitefish Bay.

This isn't the first time the Great Lakes have seen a storm with similar characteristics. December 2021 also saw a weather pattern that matched the Fitzgerald storm. If we made it through that one, we can make it through this one as well.

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