It seems like every day of the year there is some sort of pointless national holiday. While not all of us are celebrating National Golden Retriever Day on February 3rd, there is a holiday that we all SHOULD be participating in.

Saturday, February 3rd is National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, which may be my new official favorite holiday of all (sorry Halloween.) But, there is a small problem if you're trying to celebrate it in West Michigan... most of our ice cream shops close for the winter, leaving us in an ice cream desert until the warmer months.

Spoon and cup ice cream

However, one West Michigan ice cream shop is inviting everyone to wake up early and enjoy some of their flavors for breakfast

Where can you have ice cream for breakfast in West Michigan?

Furniture City Creamery is inviting everyone to come by and grab a spoon and have a scoop (or three) to start off their Saturday morning.

According to their facebook post, they'll be opening early for the Holiday and running a special on their ice cream flights until noon. That means you can try three different ice cream flavors for breakfast (that's considered a balanced breakfast like the Saturday morning cartoon commercials used to say, right?)

They'll also be offering donuts with your ice cream (of course) from Olly's Donuts. So now it REALLY is Ice Cream for breakfast.

The only other place in Grand Rapids / West Michigan that appears to be open early enough to participate won't be open until 11am, so if you're a late riser, you can always get a scoop there as well.

Either way, this is a fantastic holiday and an even better excuse to enjoy something sweet to start off your wintery Saturday morning. Enjoy!

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