They always say that friends who play together, win together. And that couldn't be more true for two besties from Saginaw who are walking away with a combined $150,000 jackpot prize thanks to the Michigan Lottery.

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Naomi Cawley and her best friend always played the lottery together, first splitting the cost of a single ticket. After awhile they made the decision to play the same numbers on separate tickets to double down on their potential earnings if they were to ever hit it big one day.

Their plan worked out when their numbers hit. On Febuary 21st, 04-27-33-41-42, with a powerball of 14 hit and made Naomi and her best friend a lot richer. Naomi bought her ticket on and thanks to the powerplay ended up winning a $100,000 prize. Her best friend however forgot to do the power play, so they're only walking away with $50,000. (I'm sure it will be fine because that's still a life changing prize.)

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Naomi couldn't believe what happened

I went into complete shock when I got a call from my friend late one night telling me we’d won on our Powerball numbers. She told me I’d won $100,000 and she’d won $50,000 because she forgot to add the Power Play to her ticket. It is so exciting and fun to experience together.

Obviously, it's the dream to hit the lottery with your best friend. Not only does it keep them from asking you for a few loans, it also is double the fun to experience a windfall with one of your favorite people. So here's your sign- start that lottery ticket pact with your bestie. It could change both of your lives one day.

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