Let's be honest, you can probably think of someone who you owe an apology to. In fact, according to experts, there are 46% of Americans that are waiting for someone in their life to say 'I'm sorry' to them.

But, odds are low that they're living in Michigan, because we're one of the least apologetic states in the US.


According to a new study, Michigan ranks in the top 10 states who say sorry the least. We're ranked number 6, falling behind states like California, Tennessee and Louisiana. On average, we say 'sorry' only 2.68 times a day, which seems like a lot until you consider the most apologetic state, Iowa, says it nearly 5 times a day. Ope...

How can Michiganders be more apologetic?

First off- one of the things we do the worst is have sincerity in our apologies. Just saying 'sorry' doesn't fix the problem.

The study found that people want people to accept blame, to offer to fix things, and to admit that you were thoughtless. All, pretty easy concepts if you really feel bad for what you did.

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Or if you really wanna sweeten the deal, 38% of Americans said an apology is a little sweeter when a present is attached. (It's okay, we all love a good bribe.)

But Maybe Michiganders are onto something, because in the same study they found that 59% of us think it's annoying when someone apologizes too much, so are we just trying to keep everyone less annoyed with us?

So maybe the whole 'Midwest Nice' thing is actually the way to go, even if it doesn't feel as nice at the time.

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