It's finally the beginning of music festival season in the US, and we're gearing up for some of the biggest music, food, and cultural celebrations on the planet. Michigan is home to several huge ones including Breakaway, Electric Forest, Faster Horses and Upheaval. But, those aren't nearly as popular as one that is on the east side of the state.

This party's on fire

To join in the festivities, Betway took a deep dive into the most searched-for festivals across the country over the past year to see which one's we're most excited about in 2024.

Using Keyword IO, they crunched the numbers and found some fascinating insights. Detroit, Michigan is home to the fourth most popular festival in the US—

Yes, Michigan's most popular music festival may surprise you. Movement Festival racked up an impressive 1,415,900 Google searches in the last year, making it a top contender in the festival scene. In fact, it's number 4 in America when it comes to people researching more about it. The electronic dance festival in Detroit has been going on since 2000. When it began, it went by the name Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It's grown year after year, and it's now one of the most popular festivals in America.

But taking the crown as America's ultimate festival is none other than Coachella, with a staggering 3.2 million searches in the past year. Clearly, it's a standout favorite among festival-goers.

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Coming in close behind is the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, which secured the second spot with an impressive 1,946,970 searches. It narrowly edged out Mardi Gras, which garnered 1,875,260 searches, proving just how much excitement surrounds these iconic events.

So if you're looking for the best place to dance and have a great time, make sure you check out Movement this May in Detroit.

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