New year, new you... Right? Well, that's what Lake Superior State University is hoping you'll say after you check out their 2024 list of banned words. The University based in Sault Ste. Marie released their annual list of "Banished Words" that they think we should leave in 2024.


They've been releasing their list every year since 1976, and this year's list is full of words you have seen across the internet but may not know how to use as well as some 'old and tired' terms they've tried to kill before.

The university says they don't put the list out just to be haters, and that the point is to not only laugh at ourselves but to reflect on how often our language changes and evolves.

Words That Are Banished From 2024 According to Lake Superior State University

Here is the list of words we should leave behind, with reasons why they added them:

1. Hack

They say we use the term "hack" a little too loosely, because while it has important usage when it comes to tech, "hacking your shower" thanks to something you saw on TikTok doesn't really hit the same.

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2. Impact

They say instead of impact, we usually mean "affect". Overusing Impact not only takes away its "pizzazz", it also robs other words of their spotlight.

3. At the end of the day

Sometimes a word needs to be re-banished, and this is one of them. Many comments note that it is overused and meaningless. Don't fill space with this one, instead find another way to say "either way".

4. Rizz

Rizz, which is a shortened form for “charisma,” gained prominence as Oxford’s word of the year and has become a familiar presence in the realm of social media discourse. But, as it gets overused, it may not have the same "rizz" that it once did with it's original audience.


5. Slay

According to Lake Superior State University, While Slay is perfectly acceptable in specific contexts, it has transcended its original meaning and infiltrated situations where its usage no longer aligns with its intended significance.

6. Iconic

This one appeared on the list in 2009, so they're trying to point out that it's still not "iconic" to use. They say It’s like a one-hit wonder playing on loop.

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7. Cringe-worthy

From the comments: “The use of this term is cringe-worthy.” The irony is served hot, as the very term “cringe-worthy” finds itself under the spotlight. It’s like a word caught in its own cringe-worthy moment.

8. Obsessed

The use of this word for things that are not truly being obsessed over makes it a good candidate for rethinking how we use the word.

9. Side hustle

They say they think this term is a little overused to glorify something not so great. They said "While ‘side-hustle’ adds flair to our language, our contributors feel that the only hustle is the one needed to get to their second job."

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10. Wait for it

When it comes to social media, lets be honest- if we’re watching the video, then we’re already waiting for it, right? While “wait for it” is trying to be the hype master, let’s question if it’s adding extra sparkle or just stating the obvious?

While these words aren't officially banned, they may be worth leaving behind in 2023 if you don't want to be too 'cringe-worthy'.

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