There is nothing worse than someone who falsifies a police report for their own gain. We have enough real violence and crime in Michigan, we don't need people getting in the way of police trying to handle their already overburdened workload.

Last week, according to WOOD-TV8, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety received a report from a "Kalamazoo Karen" alleging that an individual at the downtown library had brandished two firearms and was pointing them at her. This nightmare scenario caused officers to respond promptly, worried there was a serious public threat.

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Officers identified the individual as pointed out by the caller, and started to act immediately in hopes to stop what they thought could become a tragedy. Although there was some initial non-compliance, the individual was safely apprehended upon the arrival of backup units.

But there was one problem... a subsequent investigation revealed that the person had no actual firearms, with only a water gun discovered during a weapons search. That's right, this woman decided to lie to the police because she was upset someone had a water gun...

Since the call, KDPS emphasized their commitment to treating potential threats of active shooters/active assailants with utmost seriousness, while adhering to established protocols to safeguard public safety and that of law enforcement personnel. Thankfully their smart thinking kept everyone safe when someone decided to skirt the truth.

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If this frustrates you as much as it does me, you'll be happy to know that this Kalamazoo Karen isn't going to walk away without some karma... According to KDPS, it was determined that the initial report from our Kalamazoo Karen was fabricated, so legal action is now being pursued against the individual responsible for making the fake police report.

So here's your friendly reminder- you can't over-exaggerate a threat and expect to get away with it, especially in Kalamazoo.

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