All universities have social media accounts and the University of Michigan's Instagram account is in the top 10 for the most fake followers.

College Sports Fans Before Social Media

Before there was social media if you had an opinion on how good or bad the Michigan Wolverines were on the field or the court, you had to attend a game and yell as loud as you could, tell a buddy or co-worker, or call into a sports talk show to vent your frustrations or support.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The other option to show you were a fan of the Wolverines was to wear your University of Michigan hat, shirt, or jacket, or hang a flag on a flag pole in the yard.

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uofmichigan Instagram Account
uofmichigan Instagram Account

In today's world, a Michigan fan can be a part of the university social media but not every account on the social media is real.

University of Michigan in Top 10 for Most Fake Followers on Instagram

A company called Flash Picks used an Instagram credibility tool called Starngage to determine how many followers were fake on 105 US colleges. They looked at Instagram profiles and followers for men's football, men's, and women's basketball for each university.

uofmichigan Instagram Account
uofmichigan Instagram Account

Of the nearly 1 million Instagram followers, 6.53% were fake accounts. That added up to 63,600 fake followers on the University of Michigan's Instagram account. Michigan was number 8 in the top 10 universities with the most fake followers. Not sure if those are all Ohio State Buckeye accounts to talk smack or other schools but that is a lot of fake followers.

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Here are how the top 10 colleges ranked with fake Instagram followers:

  1. Duke University has 1,653,000 followers with an estimated 426,400 fake followers making up 25.8%.
  2. The University of Oklahoma has 677,700 followers with an estimated 108.200 fake followers making up 15.97%.
  3. Ohio State University has 1,342,700 followers with an estimated 192,800 fake followers making up 14.36%.
  4. University of Alabama has 1,485,400 followers with an estimated 122,400 fake followers making up 8.24%.
  5. The University of Georgia has 1,087,800 followers with an estimated 82,100 fake followers making up 7.55%.
  6. Clemson University has 858,500 followers with an estimated 63,100 fake followers making up 7.35%.
  7. The University of North Carolina has 859,900 followers with an estimated 62,900 fake followers making up 7.28%.
  8. University of Michigan has 974,100 followers with an estimated 63,600 fake followers making up 6.53%.
  9. University of Kentucky has 805,900 followers with an estimated 51,700 fake followers making up 6.42%.
  10. University of Oregon has 834,900 followers with an estimated 53,100 fake followers making up 6.36%.

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