We have officially sprung forward, which means we are heading into summer (finally). With that extra hour, you might be spending more time outside walking around the neighborhood. Whilst you're about, you may have come across one or three homes for sale. Considering spring is one of the busiest seasons for home-buying, more and more For Sale signs will soon be in front of people's homes.


Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.


This has led one realtor to start making some creative decisions to make his listings stand out, and it has definitely got some attention.


Greg Smith II's "Not Haunted" Homes

Everyone knows what a For Sale sign looks like when it comes to home-buying. The signs will have realtor info with a "FOR SALE" sign on top, or once it has sold, "SOLD". Pretty self-explanatory. However, Greg Smith II, a realtor with Five Star Realty, has put his spin on the sign.


Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media
Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


The listing is, as the "for sale" sign implies, "Not Haunted'. Plus, the online listing shows the house is freshly renovated and is actually very nice inside, and you get a free pizza for purchasing the home. It might be the most expensive pizza ever, but that probably makes it taste even better.


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 Why He Does It

This isn't the first time Smith has taken this approach. In a 2022 interview, Smith said that realtors are having "to get creative and work harder on the listing side to get homes sold." This creativity has made its way into how he does business:


I have several different ones. I have 'not haunted',  one that says 'free pizza with purchase of home', and one for winter, that is kind of a play on Christmas vacation that says 'it's a beaut Clark', so it's just something that I do to promote my listings


It isn't just Smith who has taken this approach either. Signs like these can be found all around the country, and while Smith's listing is a light-hearted joke, some others may be more serious.


Photo from a home listing in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo from a listing in New Orleans, Louisiana / Wendy Reed, Townsquare Media


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