A mother's sweet wedding gift to her daughter has left the internet in stitches.

A bride on TikTok shared the photo album her mom gifted her after her wedding, complete with some seriously hilarious printing errors.

The video shows the bride flipping through the thoughtful photo album her mom made using online printing service Shutterfly.

The only problem? Her mother forgot to customize the template captions that appear on each page of the album, leaving completely unrelated blurbs about picnics, days spent at the beach and getting all "bundled up" for winter next to the bride's wedding photos.

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"Moral of the story: The placeholder captions on Shutterfly do not delete themselves," she wrote over the video.

"Our mother is single-handedly the most hilarious person we know, and it's usually completely on accident. Favorite wedding gift EVER!" the bride captioned the viral video on TikTok.

Watch below:

TikTok viewers commented on the hilarious blunder.

"Not the groomsmen being labeled summer winter spring and fall like it’s a spicy calendar," one person wrote.

"Imagining your great great great great grandchildren discovering this in a box and reading it with no context, lmaooo," another user commented.

"I work for Shutterfly and this is such a common mistake," someone else shared.

"I work on the design team at Shutterfly, sending this to everyone," another user claimed.

"All of y’all who work at Shutterfly and no one can get the poor woman a fixed book for free," someone else joked.

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