Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie Xo, has publicly shared quite a bit of her relationship with her dad, Bill, over the last year. Despite having their fair share of turbulence between them in the past, the father-daughter pair grew closer after Bill was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and that's an experience that Bunnie has described as "healing" for her inner child.

But fans aren't as familiar with Bunnie's relationship with her late mother, who abandoned her as a three-month-old baby and didn't reconnect with her until Bunnie was in her 20s. Bunnie's mother died in 2022.

On social media this week, Bunnie shared a glimpse into that relationship, posting throwback video of herself and her mom in conversation on a balcony. In that post, she explains that her mother's drug addiction prevented them from having a positive relationship when she was younger.

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"She left my life when I was 3 months old & we didn't reconnect until I was 22," Bunnie writes. "She lived her life hiding from demons she couldn't conquer."

Both Bunnie and her country superstar husband have been personally affected by drug addiction. Jelly's own mother struggled with addiction, and she was the partial inspiration behind his song, "She." He also started selling drugs as a teen, and even did prison time on drug-related charges. These days, he fights tirelessly to combat the addiction epidemic in the U.S. In January, he spoke to lawmakers, urging them to take action on the deadly problem of fentanyl.

Bunnie has also been open about her journey toward sobriety, which she undertook in large part because she and Jelly were in the process of gaining full custody of his daughter, Bailee Ann, whose own mother is also an addict.

As she worked to break generational patterns of addiction and abuse, Bunnie says she also found peace in the process of forgiving her mother.

"I spent most of my life so mad at her for not being the mom I needed," she continues. "Not understanding that her one lesson she was sent here to teach me in life was in her death.

"Rest easy Mama, forgiving you was the best thing I ever did," Bunnie adds.

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Bunnie's reflection on her mother comes as Jelly has a new song out with rapper Joyner Lucas. Called "Best for Me," the song deals with the tough topic of watching a loved one battle addiction.

The singer's wife has spoken here and there about her childhood, but she'll tell the full story in an upcoming book project, which is due for release in 2025.

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