Finally, the weather's getting colder in lower Michigan. We're getting some snowy days and hopefully, soon, we can head out onto frozen lakes and ponds to ice-fish, play some hockey, ride snowmobiles or take your vehicle across to the other side.

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Last week the Burlington Free Press in Vermont shared an Instagram post from Vermont State Parks with a chart showing how much ice is needed to support various vehicles, including  All Terrain Armored Transports, or AT-AT walkers, used by the Imperial ground forces and first seen in the Empire Strikes Back movie - and Godzilla.

First - do not venture out onto ice two inches thick or less. You'll need a minimum of four inches for ice-fishing. 12 inches of ice is the minimum for pickup trucks. As for Imperial AT-ATs? Calculations by the State of Vermont show that 60 inches of ice is the minimum to send those across Lake Lansing. I hope to be sitting at the Blue Gill Grill having a beer and watching if that happens.

And Godzilla? He'll need 100+ inches of ice thickness. Just remember that next time you're ice-fishing in Japan.

Here's the story. With the helpful chart.


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