Slurpee lovers, REJOICE!

Slurpee is celebrating it's 50th birthday by bringing back Bring Your Own Cup day! You can go to any participating 7-Eleven with your "cup" and fill it with Slurpee deliciousness for just $1.50!

#BYOCUPDAY is going on Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday from 11am - 7pm at participating 7-Eleven stores. And you'll notice in the paragraph above that the word cup has some quotations around it... that's because on BYO cup day, the term for "cup" is pretty loosely defined. Here are the rules on what qualifies a "cup":

  1. The cup has to be able to fit upright in a 10" hole.
  2. It has to be clean and food safe before you fill 'er up.
  3. The cup needs to be watertight (no leaks!).
  4. Keep it to one cup per person.

Once all those rules have been covered, you're good to go! I saw pics on Slurpee's website from people posting about what "cup" they brought, and they got pretty creative! I've seen a mini cooler, a fish tank and bowl, and hollowed out pineapples and melons. What "cup" will you choose?

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