Nobody is ever going to to accuse me of having the greatest memory. However, I don't remember weather like we had yesterday in years past.

At first, it looked like everyone else was going to get hit but us and that's the way it was...for a few minutes. Then came the wind...then the rain...then more wind...and more rain...then heavier wind...and heavier rain...

We were lucky because we weren't hit nearly as bad as others when it was all said and done (which meant just occasional heavy wind). Our power stayed on and outside of some branches landing in the yard and a couple of pieces of our fence flying off, we were and are okay and feeling fortunate compared to others that didn't do as well.

The photo that you see isn't a great photo of the weather yesterday, but I did want to share with you the last thing I saw before running to the basement during one of the "heavier wind" periods.

Take care.