This morning I was doing a little Halloween research on the internet and decided to do a search to see if Michigan State was haunted. A little random, I know, but it is a Monday, and well, last night was the 'blood moon' I'd say it makes complete sense. Anyway, guess what? According to numerous websites, Michigan State is haunted!! Let me explain...

First, according to the On The Banks website, there are several places on campus that are haunted. Take for instance, Beaumont Tower, where the legend goes that the ghost of a student killed during World War II is said to haunt the tower. The bells have frequently been seen and heard ringing by themselves. (Bet you'll start paying closer attention to those bells now...) Also, reports say that the auditorium at MSU is also on the haunted list. The auditorium story revolves around the ghost of a little boy who has been seen wandering around the auditorium seats. The little boy's face has been seen looking out the third floor windows of the auditorium and visitors have reportedly heard him laughing and bouncing a ball.

According to the Haunted Places website, the dorms at Michigan State are also haunted. There's the Mayo Hall, where the ghost of its namesake, Mary Mayo, allegedly plays a piano and then there's the Mason Hall where the ghost of an elderly man hangs out in the basement. But that's not all, there's Hubbard Hall where residents have heard laughing in an empty hall, the lights turn on and off by themselves and the Hubbard Hall ghost apparently likes to mess with the elevator. There's also an 'elevator ghost' in Holmes Hall. The story goes that the Homes Hall ghost likes to enter the elevator on the sixth floor and then vanishes before the elevator doors re-open and the Holmes Hall ghost is also a fan of slamming doors. (Which to me, is one of the worst kind of ghosts--ever...)

And finally, perhaps one of the more current MSU ghost-related stories involves Holden Hall. Back in 2007, there was an urban legend making the rounds that was referred to as the "Halloween Massacre." According to the On The Banks website, with the “Halloween Massacre” a student dressed as Little Bo Peep would be killing students. (Apparently a phone call into a talk show from a psychic predicting this event happening at a big ten is what prompted the rumor. And also had many students leaving campus for the weekend...)

Those are just some of the ghost stories from Michigan State. What do you know? Did you live on campus? Did you/are you experiencing any of these things? Have you heard the mysterious bells ringing for no reason at Beaumont Tower? Let me now...if you're not too scared... ;)

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