I was looking forward to watching the Indy 500 in a couple of weeks. Last year's winning team owner Roger Penske now owns the track and had made some huge improvements. Sure, there was some worry about COVID-19 and they had to push the race back from May to August, but they were planning on having that place filled (safely) with 300,000 fans and 33 race cars.

Um. About that.

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The Indy 500 will be run on Sunday, August 23rd, but, after saying the stands would be full and then saying the stands would be 50% full - and then saying they would be 25% full, there will now be NO fans.

No fans, but the race will go on. Race qualifying will take place on August 15th and 16th on NBC, with the race also on NBC starting at 1 p.m. on the next Sunday. If you have tickets, they'll be good for the same seats next year.

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