If this little boy's passion to help others doesn't tug your heartstrings, wait till you find out how the stuffed animals will be given out.

Just North of Indianapolis, Indiana you'll find a small town with a lot of history called Noblesville.  That's where 5-year-old Jackson Ptacek lives with his family.  There are so many things about Jackson's story that will restore your faith in humanity.  Let's begin with how "Jackson's January of Joy" started in the first place.

Just before Christmas day, young Jackson told his parents that he had been considering doing something for children in need for a while, and he was ready to talk about it.  This came completely out of the blue to the parents.  Jackson's mother Abbi told WTHR his adorable response when she asked him why he wanted to do this,

If a kid feels sad, I want them to be able to get their stuffed animal and feel happy.

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The family then went to Facebook and asked people to donate stuffed animals to their's son's cause which they called "Jackson's January of Joy."  The donations came in hot and heavy.  In fact, Jackson's mother said the reaction to her son's plan to help others was "overwhelming."

By the end of January, Jackson received 500 stuffed animals.  You may be wondering where are these donations going and how will stuffed animals help?  These stuffed animals have been dropped off at a local fire station so first responders can give them to children to comfort them during situations like house fires, medical emergencies, etc.  Below you'll see a Facebook post from the Noblesville Fire Department celebrating Jackson's tireless efforts.

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