This week, the Upper Peninsula's "Orehenge" took place in Marquette. This event happens every November and January, around the 20th, when the sun aligns with the Lower Harbor Ore Dock on Lake Superior. According to, this week about 25 people showed up at sunrise to see Orehenge, but were met with cloudy conditions. There have been some spectacular Orehenge moments in the past. You might want to plan on getting up there this November or next January to check it out.

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Of course, this idea came from Stonehenge. At the Stonehenge monument in England, the stones are aligned to frame the sun on the summer solstice and the sunset of the winter solstice. However, photographers have figured out the many man-made "henges" throughout America. "Manhattanhenge" happens twice a year. The photo above was take on July 12, 2018. Chicagohenge actually happens on the spring and fall equinoxes on their east/west streets.

With Michigan Ave. in Lansing aligned east/west, and the skywalk over the street and between buildings at Sparrow Hospital, my guess is there might be a good "Lansinghenge" possibility. And if you've already figured this out and taken photos of Lansinghenge - let's see them!

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