Next time you're anywhere near the Pictured Rocks of Munising, in the Upper Peninsula, take a drive northeast to Hurricane River Campground. Park the car and hike down the North Country Trail to the Au Sable Light Station. It's a beautiful place, located on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior. On the way back to your car, get off the main trail and take a walk down on the beach. It's on that stretch of beach that pieces of at least two shipwrecks have washed up. Ships that hit the Au Sable Pointe Reef more than a hundred years ago. According to, another big piece from one of those ships recently washed up. The latest is a piece of wood measuring 10 feet by 2 feet.

Just remember, you can't mess with these timbers. Let them stay so the next beach walker can check them out. (I wonder how many structures up in that area have stuff made with timbers from the shipwrecks gathered up in the years after the wrecks happened. I know if I had been fishing or hunting up there in the '20s or '30s I would have taken some of that stuff home)

Honestly - go check it out. It's one of the most beautiful places in Michigan.

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