Tonight's Mega Millions Lottery jackpot stands (at press time) at $458 million. If you were to win that jackpot all by yourself, the cash option would be $274 million. That would clearly put you in the top Federal tax bracket. So, Federal and Michigan income tax will take you down to around $160 million. But, there you are, with 160 large burning a hole in your pocket. What to do?
First you'll need to buy an island up north. You'll need to get away from everybody (except your new best friend - me) And I have the perfect island. It's called Howard Island, right off the north shore of Drummond Island. According to, it's a two acre island and comes with two cabins, a boathouse and a pontoon boat. (I'll suck it up and take the smaller cabin) Plus the island's in deep water, in Lake Huron, so it'll be perfect for our, I mean your, new yacht.

Best part? This island costs only $495,000. You'll probably spend that on drinks at Leo's when you win, so....

We are gonna have so much fun up there this summer.


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