We ask a trivia question every weekday morning on WITL around 6:40am. This morning our Brain Cramp Question was about worker productivity. The question today was: A compliment from a boss is the #1 thing that increases worker productivity. What is the #2 thing that increases worker productivity. The answer? Free Food! If you miss the question and answer, you can always find it on the Banana & Stephanie Facebook page by clicking here.

By the way, congratulations to Terry from Olivet who was our winner this morning. Terry works at Olivet Middle School and told me that he brings free food in all the time for his co-workers.

Speaking of productivity...for the past several weeks, Banana Don has been complaining about how bad our computer is in the studio. I'm not gonna lie at first I thought that he might be exaggerating about how bad it was...that is until this week. Banana has been on vacation this week, so it's been my turn to use said pathetic computer...and...well...let me tell you...he was NOT exaggerating! It's horrible! Thanks to our Brain Cramp winners and everyone who has called in the past few weeks who have been patient with us and we try to save your information and (cross your fingers) are actually able to air your phone call back on the air.

This is a picture I took this morning of the computer screen. Is your work computer horrible too?

Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCoy
Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCoy


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