Hybrid learning? What the heck is "hybrid learning"?

Was hybrid learning something before the COVID-19 pandemic because I had never heard of it. Okay, I realize that just because I hadn't heard of it doesn't mean that it wasn't a "thing". Yeah I'm very well aware that it's been proven a thousand times before that just because I haven't heard of something that it doesn't mean that it's not a "thing", right?

Pardon my country boy upbringing by the way, but when I see the word "hybrid", I think of crops and stuff like that.

Anyway...hybrid learning is certainly a thing and it is certainly a thing when it comes to education in these very trying COVID-19 pandemic times. And, it's coming to Stockbridge.

By the way, for those that may not know what hybrid learning is (just like me a few minutes ago...) it is a mix of face to face learning in the classroom along with virtual learning from home.

Think of it as it's like a Zoom call that you are on at home and you're there with other people on the Zoom call from their homes and that is all situated in the middle of a classroom where there are a bunch of other people together who are learning. In fact, it may be just exactly like that.

According to News 10, the hybrid learning is coming to Stockbridge schools next week. That means that students who are going into the classroom with their teachers will be joined virtually by students who will be learning at home.

Find out more about what's up here on the News 10 website.

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