Any time of year seems to be a good time for a ‘Haunted Michigan’ tale…here’s another one in Rockwood, Wayne County. But first, a little backstory…

The Huron River Inn began life in 1860 as the Burton Manor. At the time, the town was called Huron Station and was a good watering hole during the Civil War. It was almost like a men’s club, with guys from all over arriving to hunt, fish, drink, smoke cigars, tell dirty jokes, spend the night, and carouse. The prices were right, too…a glass of whiskey was just three cents.

In 1872 the town name “Huron Station” was changed to “Rockwood” and from then on, ownership of Burton Manor changed numerous times, and a livery stable was added to the saloon and hotel.

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In the early 1900s, the name of the inn was now the Varney House, when a fire broke out in the kitchen, burning the whole place to the ground. Locals had been able to salvage many items from the inn before it was completely devastated, such as bottles of booze, chairs, and tables. Those three items were enough to keep the business going, as they set up a temporary bar in a neighbor’s barn and continued.

In 1907 a new establishment was built over the ashes of the old Varney House and was re-dubbed the Rockwood Hotel…..and that’s when the stories of hauntings began.

1) An apparition of a woman wearing a bonnet was seen at the bar.
2) The shadowy figure of a man was seen in the cellar, standing in the entry to the coal bin.
3) The sounds of children giggling and playing is heard on the stairwell between the first and second floors. The old hotel rooms were once on the second floor.
4) Various items in the building move by themselves.
5) Voices seem to come from thin air.
6) Footsteps are heard running down the hall of the second floor.

The causes?
Could it be past hotel customers, re-living fond memories?
Did anyone die in that fire?
They don’t have any explanations – yet – as to the reasons for the paranormal activity, but you are more than welcome to come spend time at the Huron River Inn BBQ.

Located at 22401 Huron River Drive, Rockwood, in Wayne County.
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