2020 was a tough year in a a lot of ways, but if you were single it was really tough. I mean how the heck do you meet people when you have to wear a mask all the time? If you go to a grocery store you had to stay 6 feet apart and in some supermarkets you had to go one way with a mask on. The bars were closed much of the year. If you meet somebody online, where are you gonna meet?

If you really wanted to be safe, you pretty much had to not date, which is pretty much what I did. And if you just moved to a new city in middle of the pandemic, forget about it. I am optimistic about the New Year though.

Here are some tips on handling your love life in 2021 from amiethedatingcoach.com.

If you are looking to meet your soul mate and for LOVE in the New Year here ya go:

  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Start Saying Yes
  • At Least Once a Month Step Into Your Discomfort Zone
  • Upgrade Your Relationship Skills
  • Find an Accountability Partner

Some mistakes many of us make when starting a New Year, no matter what you're trying to accomplish, is going at it alone. Find someone to cheer you on, maybe a best friend.

I am not a fan of online dating, but I will not rule it out in 2021. I do think though that when you're meant to meet someone, it will happen.

Will you be looking for love in 2021?

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